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beautiful summary of "feelings"- we are all human and staying away from people who have

little compassion or understanding might be the best way to handle unfriendly situations. Let it pass and not fester-yep- difficult

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Such a thought-provoking post. Thank you, as always, for sharing your light with us all. I'm sorry you were hurt—it always catches me when people are mean, but I have said exactly the same to my daughter growing up, that hurt people hurt. Of course, we can show compassion but there is also a line when protecting ourselves. A precarious dance sometimes! I will be pondering your words for some time, dear Renee. Thank you.

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I cannot fathom what kind of an adult humiliates someone on the basis of their looks, perhaps the one who never grew up! Totally despicable!

Thank you for reminding us of this crucial yet extraordinarily difficult practice of detaching from the actions of others and identifying the real roots of their actions.

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This topic struck me a lot this week, thank you for this post :)

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Definitely easier said than done. It’s a constant reminder and practice to not fall into that cycle.

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Nato shot down the Chinese balloonery, alien ballooney tunes, and now we will have a ballooney war, good luck with that!

Another nuttin´ burger, tank you, sank you very much, nom nom nom!

My silent screams might be a perfect soundrack to the next Plandemic MAGAphoned!

That is why I must be the good guy, right? Do not try this at home, as Beavis and Butthead would advise!

Being the good guy among so many bad guys really freaks me out, gives me the creeps! And then I testify on the inflated Weaponization of BullSkirt in the Dungeon Subcommittee hot spa meeting .... go figure!


I gotta go to Iceland one more time to chill the fook out!

Iceland the way you have never seen or even imagined, all in the DELUXE Special Limited Edition!




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This post shook me.

It lingers in my mind daily, creeping into normal activities.

Thank you for sharing this post. It is helpful to healing.

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I've no idea why anyone would wish to make fun of your looks, or why they would think it appropriate to do so. My experience of people who that sort of thing (I've had the same in various ways) is that they say it in a way that if you object they accuse you of having no sense of humour. It's a kind of bullying. Well, kudos to you for having compassion for them, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with them. I've actually dropped some friendships because after giving them the benefit of the doubt time and again i finally decided that self-preservation was more important. See, for example, https://terryfreedman.substack.com/p/language-and-self

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