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A heavy post, indeed.

>"If you’ve ever trekked you know the challenges; the desire to quit, the fortitude not to, the sweat, the glory, the misery"

A teaching from Jack Engler recently landed with me which declared that meditation is a process of grieving.

Your words "it's a painful, breaking free of the rods of assumptions and beliefs that we inherited" and your description of the struggle with continuing practice is all real.

The rod in my eye: I admit to many that I appreciate monotony, I've even been actively seeking the calm of monotony for years, but it alludes me. I believed that it would allow me more time for self-reflection, more opportunity for intra-personal growth.

The lesson I've been painfully learning these last couple of years is in this teaching, that growth is only obtainable through change and challenge.

I feel I've known it all along, and have even shallowly shared this lesson with others and yet still failed (and likely will again fail) to truly grasp the depth of it.

Calm is not where growth occurs. It is just another form of mud.

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and commission with us ♡

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Always your words are so powerful, making me stop, consider and now, ponder deeply for the day...

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Purity is a human construct invented to polarise the world even more than it already is. Evocative piece as usual Renee 💜🌼

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Loved this especially the idea of a soul-trek: it’s never the destination but the journey.

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I loved this, Renee! Food for thought as I head off to Mass to pray for my soul. 😊 No guilt... this lotus is rising! Blessings and peace to you!

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Renee was a pleasure to listen to you. Now I have food for thought ❤️

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