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Wonderful to hear more about compassion. It is not something you hear about day to day, or see day to day even. While listening to this I saw; A rainbow.

The light from the sun shining through water droplets to form a beautiful prism; expanding when the sunlight is shining just right into a beautiful rainbow. "It takes courage to take the path leading to peace.."

Courage. The Latin "Cor" means heart! Heart is at the center of courage!

This talk invokes inspirations and beautiful reminders.

Our heart, rain droplets.

Our compassion, shines through our heart;

Courage, a prism of compassion.

Many prisms; a rainbow.

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Loooooove this. Visuals are great and very helpful to embody your message.

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This is fabulous and such a perspective that most seldom look at or even think about to this extent or reach such conclusions. The pictures are amazing also. I intend to print it out and safe it in a little folder.

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