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Thank you. I needed this.

Water is what I've dedicated so much of my life to protecting & cherishing. The necessity only second to air. The foundation of life on earth.

In chemistry & biology it is the ultimate solution.

Water reshapes the surface of the earth, piercing stone, rerouting rivers.

Your words are healing, reminding me of life's origin. Thank you πŸ’™

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Renee your posts give me a sense of peace like nothing else. The elusive nature of water is reflective of human consciousness and our ability to mould ourselves in various shapes and form. There is a reason why water is considered an element of purity in so many religions around the world. This post is every bit reassuring as it is enlightening. Thank you for sharing this with us. πŸŒΌπŸ’œ

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There is something so calming and wondrous about the water, the sunlight reflecting off. Nature does have a way of pulling my attention and I’m all the better for it. Awesome essay and remembering our impermanence.

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What a fun idea! I'd definitely be willing to do that with you.

& I never hold any expectation of response, just being able to read this blog is a gift. I hope the retreat was healing & inspiring β™‘

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