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You are worthy. I am worthy. Everyone is worthy. We are all worthy of peace and joy. There is nothing to prove.

We have one life and countless opportunities to create a life built on knowing our worth. But most of our time is spent fiddling away on meaningless tasks in our efforts to find comfort.

  • Maybe our comfort waits for us on the other side of discomfort, of resignation, of easy answers.

  • Maybe we should dive headlong into those uneasy waters; those BIG ideas that brave and determined people swim in. People like Socrates, Buddha, Thich Nhat Hanh, and possibly you.

  • Maybe if we jump into those unknown exciting waters, we will find our compass, pointing us to our true north.


My name is Renee. I’m a storyteller, an artist, an aspiring illustrator, and have taught meditation for over twenty years. I’m also just a fellow human, traversing this mind-boggling universe, desiring nothing more than to make sense of it all and to embrace with courage that thing inside we all feel—the thing that tells us we are way more than bones and flesh.

Why do I call my publication The Creator’s Compass?

Because we create our lives. We have endless choices each moment of every day, and in order to create a life we envision, we need a compass that does not lie to us. We need a compass that can hold the most fragile parts of ourselves with the strength of what Vajrayana Buddhism calls Bodhichitta—the union of wisdom and compassion.

The Creator’s Compass is currently a twice monthly Sunday publication, with occasional bonus publications.

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