The Creator's Compass
Meditative Practice
Care-Note #1

Care-Note #1

Enter the center of silence
This is our first Care-Note with The Creator’s Compass. These notes are bridges of connection between the more in-depth publications. I welcome you to rest into the short meditation on silence found above.

We got a Spring snow last night, and the ground is now bathed in that soothing blinding white, bringing with it a silence that my soul craves every single day. A silence made up of the absence of things: The absence of cars and planes and ceaseless voices, which somehow wind through the trees of the forest behind my house. In the timeless center of silence, we behold the wisdom of the trees, of the snow, of the stars, of ourselves.

Wherever you are, try to go outside where it’s easier to be in connection with what’s real and find a bit of silence resting in the bark of a fallen tree, or the steady pulse of a stone someone kicked aside, or the wisp of a moment between one sound and another. And may all our moments of beholding meet together beyond time and space. I’ll see you there.

On our property, soaking in the silence of the last rays of the sun.

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Meditative Practice
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