The Creator's Compass
Meditative Practice
Connect To Your Creativity Through Wonder

Connect To Your Creativity Through Wonder

A meditative practice

Hello compass-holders!

I am sending each of you my love and prayers that you are well. Today’s practice was created to help us ground into our creativity by connecting to wonder—that experience of awe mingling with open curiosity, and maybe even surprise. I use the image of creativity as breath flowing through a flute. The idea is, if we are able to stabilize into an open-emptiness like the center of a bamboo flute, then we become the vessel through which the breath of creativity can manifest music.

I appreciate your beautiful intention for creating with a compass of compassion, both for your own fulfillment, and to be a light to others. Your creative ripples go far beyond what you can perceive. Be proud and confident that you and your creations matter.

Sending love and light,


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The Creator's Compass
Meditative Practice
Spoken word meditations to help us unveil our true nature of compassion and wisdom.
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